Welcome to ColourMimix

Colour Mimix is an intuitive colour plug-in for Adobe PhotoShop; it has been developed specifically for designers’ digital colour needs based on insights from practising CAD designers. It provides creative people with the opportunity to mix their colour palettes on screen as if they were working with the colour range of a familiar paint palette. Unique functionality provides the opportunity to characterise the colour-picker tool so that the colours created on screen are supported within the colour range of the selected printer. Together these original features benefit the digital colour experience by being familiar, logical and accurate

Key Features:

  • A Truly Intuitive Colouring Tool
  • Creative Paint-Mixing Interface
  • Easy Printer Characterisation
  • Accurate Colour Printing
  • Palette Export to PhotoShop
  • Module Options
  • PC and Mac Compatible


Ever wondered why the colours, carefully selected on screen, can turn out to be a poor match to the printer? The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. Both the monitor screen and the printer use different colour systems; monitors produce colour displays by mixing lights (RGB) which create bright and colourful options, whilst a printer colour range is often overall more subtle as colours are generated in a similar way to which paints and other real world colorants mix (CMY).

The Mimix colour-picker provides the means for a user to create master colour palettes that are better matched with a selected printer colour range, as opposed to the brighter colour set of a monitor. This is in sharp contrast to standard digital workflows where the colouring tools allow colours to be selected from the full monitor range, including colours that the printer may not be able to reproduce.

The expectation is that colour management software will find the best colour compromise, and it does, but no matter how complex or expensive the colour management solution, it can’t improve the colour range of a printer, therefore some colours displayed for selection on the monitor will only ever be arbitrarily reproduced; a selected red colour will print as red but not necessarily accurate to the monitor original. In colour critical design, such as fashion, textiles and the graphics art industries, colour compromises are not good enough.

Our Innovation

A designer intuitively knows how to work with colour and can instinctively make successful colour judgments; ColourMimix uses and helps further develop this creative skill. Our research has demonstrated that we all have a reasonably good idea of how paints mix so our digital colouring tool is developed to simply mimic the way paint mixes. To create a green shade mix blue and yellow from the master colour palette; refine the desired colour by gradually adding the appropriate palette colour; tint or shade by adding back or white as required. Whatever colours are created they are based on a master palette that has been defined by a critical assessment of the real colour potential of a selected printer. By examining a sample colour printout that characterises the potential colours of your printer, you can set your colour tool so that, for example, the red in your mix palette is the maximum red your printer can reproduce. Using this system any colour you create is made my mixing with the master colour palette, representative of the real colours of your printer.

Try this simple experiment; use any colour-picker tool you have access to and select the maximum red; you might type in the RGB coordinates (255,000,000) i.e. 100% red, no green or blue. Print this colour on your printer then make a comparison to the colour you have selected. There are a few good habits to get into here to help compensate for the difference in ambient light conditions in your room and the monitor screen brightness settings but essentially you are likely to see quite a difference between the monitor colour and your printer. Our system helps resolve this colour difference; we can’t make your printer produce any brighter colours but we can let you make intuitive colour selections for a colour range that will print so that you can focus on your creative tasks and not waste time second-guessing digital colours.