Frequently Asked Questions

Installation PC & Mac

Mimix is designed to run on both the PC and Mac, PS CS 5-6 (Photoshop Creative Suite). Having installed Photoshop, you should now be able to either double click the downloaded plugin file (Mimix.zxp), this will start the Adobe Extension Manager and install the plugin. or locate the Extension Manager, click install and follow the instructions. This will start the CS (Adobe Creative Suite) extension manager. follow the on screen instructions and the Extention Manager will install the plugin. The plugin can be started from PS menu > windows > Extentions.

For more detailed installation information please refer to the help pages here.

Are their different versions available?

We have incorporated all the features of Mimix into one version available for all under one accessable price.

Help and Support

There is a comprehensive help section here. If after looking through the help you are unable to find a solution, please contact us