• In order to run the Mimix Photoshop CS5/6 plugin you will need hardware capable of running Adobe Photoshop CS5/6.
  • Details or the required hardware can be found on Adobe's website here.


  • As Mimix is a plugin for Photoshop CS5/6, a copy of Photoshop will be required on the installation machine. The Mimix installation file can be downloaded from here
  • Mimix is installed via Adobe Extension Manager CS5/6 which should have been installed along with the Photoshop installation process. Just double-click Mimix.zxp and the Extension manager will install the plugin


  • Mimix additionally requires a separate print manager (MimixPrint.air - download here) which requires Adobe Air runtimes to be installed on your PC or Mac. Adobe Air runtimes can be downloaded here. Once Adobe Air runtimes are installed, just double click MimixPrint.air to install the print service
  • To ensure Mimix prints correctly, make sure the print manager is running prior to printing from Mimix.


Once installed, on initial opening (how to start Mimix), you will see a registration screen. Enter the name and email you entered during registration and click . This will register your copy of Mimix and provide you with a licence code.