Colour Characterisation

The initial view is the characterisation page, this colour palette shows you examples of the colours that your monitor can display; importantly the view includes examples of the brightest monitor primaries Red, Green and Blue and the basic printer primaries of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. When the printed examples of the same colours is compare to the monitor screen colour the colour difference between the two colour spaces (Monitor and Printer) will be very clear.

Click on each colour in turn for a full screen view and use the standard HSV colour interface to generate a good colour-match between the physical print and the monitor scree for each colour. The back ground colour can be adjusted with a slide bar to match to print background for consistency and the original characterisation colour reset of needed (see options bottom right of menu display). When this process is complete select to Save the new profile for future use and then select the Set Calibration option to progress to the colour mixing menu.