Creating New Colours

Select the Palette Tap from the top left of the menu screen to access the colour mix interface; the colours displayed in the circular master palette are based directly on the colour selection created in the matching process.

To work on a new colour palette select a base colour to start then select to add appropriate mix colours. For example a green colour is achieved by mixing yellow and blue from the master palette, the amount of colour added is varied by the droplet size slider option and the addition of black and white will tint, lighten, shade or darken a colour as required. As the master palette is based on the original match to the printer colour capabilities, and the colours mix on screen in the same way as the printer, all colour created is within the capabilities of the selected device. To change or update the process account for a different substrate or new ink set, load a previously saved profile or complete the matching process for new combination.

New colours are added to the palette located at the bottom of the menu screen simply clicking on a palette position, when complete a palette can be stored, printed or exported to Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator as an ASE file (more). Colours are cleared from the mixing menu using the option on the left hand side of the display.